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“I feel ready to win a championship,” says George Russell 

British F1 driver George Russell reckons he is absolutely ready to win a Formula 1 championship after impressing with Mercedes last season, in what did not turn out to be a great season for his team, who saw Red Bull’s Max Verstappen take the world championship for the second season running. 

Russell had an impressive outing in the overall championship and finished fourth in the driver’s standings in one of the most forgettable seasons for Mercedes in the last decade. In an exclusive chat with Sky Sports, Russell said he feels ready to win a world championship, insisting he has felt ready for a couple of years.

“I feel absolutely ready to win a world championship. I’ve felt ready for a couple of years now. And I’m definitely going to have a really strong winter. I’m going to work really hard with my team. Every single person at Mercedes’ factory is going to be pushing like hell to deliver a car, to give us a chance to go fight next season,” said Russell.

Russell spoke about his equation with fellow British driver Sir Lewis Hamilton, who has been the flag-bearer of Mercedes’ success over the last few years. Whilst Hamilton went on to achieve a world record after another, Mercedes managed to ascend well over the top of their other competitors like Red Bull and Ferrari. 

He told that being next to Lewis Hamilton last season has been the greatest learning experience of his life and he is keen on understanding how to get the most out of his car and how he can get the most out of himself to help the team. 

Interestingly, Lewis Hamilton was not on par with Russell throughout the 2022 season and to finish ahead of the seven time world champion was a great achievement for him. He also insisted that if beating Hamilton means Mercedes gets to win the World Championship, he would be more than happy to go ahead and do that. 

Russell had won Mercedes’ only race of the last season in Sao Paolo, where he comfortably got the better of Lewis. Both the drivers emerged on the podium alongside Spanish driver Carlos Sainz from Ferrari, which was one of the few races which did not see a Red Bull driver on the podium.