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Major Sports Betting

Football betting has taken center stage in the soccer scene. Most people enjoy football betting for the money they may possibly win as well as the excitement that comes with it. It can be a little terrifying for first –timers, but NextBet is here to give you some tips on football betting and teach you some of the things you need to know before betting.

Below are some important factors you should consider before football betting:


• TEAM FORM – You should look at their recent team form. Check the opposition and the situation of the opposition at the time of the game.

• NEWS – Check for injuries and suspensions of players. Also, check the players’ importance to the team.

• SCHEDULE – Look at the team schedule. Their recent games, if have they played recently. The players could be tired which may affect their performance.

• HOME AND AWAY RECORDS – Home and away statistics. The team may play better at home, or may play better away.


Check the history between the two teams. The home and away history is important. You will be surprised how the history repeats in some games year after year.


Here are the most popular bet types:

• FULL TIME RESULT – This is one of the most common types of bet. Can also be called “Win Lose Draw” or “1 x 2” (1=home win, x=draw, 2=away win). It is actually predicting the result at the end of a normal time match.

• ASIAN HANDICAP – Asian Handicap also known as Hang Cheng. Each team is given a goals handicap and you bet on the match result after that handicap. There are two outcomes of a win with an Asian handicap, a “home” or “away” win with a possible “push” for money back on a draw depending on the handicap.

• CORRECT SCORE – This is predicting the exact score at the end of normal time (home team score – away team score).

• DRAW NO BET – Like a full time result, but there’s no option for draw. You can bet on any team to win, if it’s a draw, you get your stake refunded.

• FOOTBALL ACCUMULATOR – You can bet on more than one team; multiple bets and placing one stake. Bettors MUST win on all bets. Some bookkeepers offer promotions for accumulators. At, we offer the Acca Insurance, wherein when you lose one of the 5 or more selections, you can get a refund.
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Basketball is one of the easiest sports to bet on. If you know how to bet on football, you already pretty much know how to bet on basketball. The key to betting on basketball, like all sports, is patience and discipline; and the more you know about basketball, the greater your advantage is. But here are some tips for first time basketball betting.

1) Just like football betting, the first thing you should know is everything about the team. The current team form and news about the team. It is the smartest strategy in betting on any sport.

2) You should set aside your favorite teams. Just because they are your favorite,doesn’t mean you’re always going to bet on them. You might end up making the wrong decision.

3) Know all the bet types and market types. Here are some of the market types for Basketball betting:

• Point Spread This is the most common type for basketball. Each team is given points to be either added or subtracted from the end of the game total.

• Total (Over/Under) For total, bookkeepers will decide on how may combined points the teams will score. The bettor should bet whether the points will be over/under the line. If the score is exactly the same as the bookkeeper says, then it is considered a push and the bets are refunded.

• Money Line Money line is also one of the most common types for basketball and one of the easiest because bettors will just bet on which team will win the game.

• Parlays With parlays, bettors can bet that two or more point spreads, over/unders, or money lines will win, earning a higher payout if all of their picks win than they would have betting each one individually.
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Just like other sports betting (football, basketball, etc.) NextBet offers tennis betting. Here we have some tennis betting tips you can put into mind when betting:

1) In Tennis, you have to research about the player.

• FITNESS Meaning you have to know his/her past or current injuries. The player may be suffering from an injury that may affect the way he/she would play.

• PLAYING CONDITIONS Some players may play well in clay courts, some on hard courts like concrete and some on grass.

• HEAD-TO-HEADS Check the recent head-to-head record of the players. To see how the players play when they face each other. This could be an advantage on which side to bet on.

2) You should be aware of the market types. Below are some of the common market types:

• HEAD-TO-HEAD Head-to-head market type is when you, the bettor determines who will win the match, regardless of how many sets it takes.

• TOTAL (OVER/UNDER) Like in basketball and football betting, bookkeepers will determine the score and the bettor will guess whether it is over or under. But for Tennis, usually the most common bet is Total Games.

• CORRECT SCORE Correct score is when you place your bet on one of two players (or one team in doubles) to win the game with a score

• SET BETTING Set betting is betting on the exact outcome of the match in sets.

It is easy to bet on tennis, and other sports online with NextBet. Having a big selection of markets to bet on, you will surely enjoy betting at Learning the different tennis betting tips and strategies could help you out as you enjoy watching and betting on tennis.
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In this article, we will be explaining some brief baseball betting tips; baseball betting terminology, and a guide on how to bet on baseball. NextBet offers the best odds in baseball betting and all other sports betting. Read this article about baseball betting and bet on your favorite sports at NextBet now.

Here are some baseball betting tips for you:


In the early season the weather can be bad at some parks. Managers are still experimenting with their line ups. Spend the first weeks analyzing and studying the teams on how they play.


Make sure that if their starting key player is injured, they replace him with another good player and you have also studied how he plays because it may affect the team’s play.


You have to look the strengths and weaknesses of each team. Look into the history of the two teams to give you an idea on where to place your bets.


Some underdogs often add more value than favorites. Just like any sports betting, you have to set aside your favorites and be smart in placing your bets. Your reasoning for betting may be biased and you might end up frustrated.


Look into market types that the bookkeeper offers. Usually it is the same with football betting, basketball betting and other sports betting. Like head-to-head, over/under, Asian handicap, etc.

If you are still unsure on how to bet on baseball, feel free to bookmark this page for your reference on baseball betting tips. Bet on your favorite sports now at!
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Sports betting have become very popular because it makes watching sports more exciting. People bet on sports for a variety of reasons. Some do it just for fun and to make a particular game more exciting. Some like to bet on their favorite teams, no matter what the point spread may be.

Below are some basic sports betting tips:

  1. Start small

Start with small stake bets and gradually increase. Look for online sportsbooks or other betting sites that make online betting for beginners easy. The most important thing in betting online is to attach yourself to a reliable, reputable online sportsbook like

  1. Always Research

Find time to research on the sport, the team or the player you are betting on like news, records, history, etc. The more you know, the more chances of placing your bets right.

  1. Patience

One of the most important virtues in sports betting. There are times when you’ll lose, but that’s alright. You could use this loss as a lesson for you on placing your next bet.

In sports betting there is no guarantee that all the tips will make you win every bet you make, but it could help. Just enjoy betting while watching the sports you love. Visit NextBet now and try online sports betting!